Rest Assured - review

I will be honest and say I have not gotten to read much of this book.

However, I have read enough to tell you that I really like Vicki Courtney. She has such an authenticity to her writing. It definitely comes out like a friend giving you a good chat, not lik
e a preacher yelling things at you, telling you what you have been doing wrong so long.

Rest Assured is a book acknowledging the restlessness that all people, but especially us ladies, feel.

Vicki takes you on a journey to finding that rest in the Lord and what it looks like. This book includes some questions that you might find helpful to reflect upon while you read as well as space to record your thoughts on them. These are called ¨Rest Stops¨ and I really like that because this is probably the most precious time of reading you will do, when you actually stop the doing and reflect. As least for me, this is very helpful.

Of course this book is packed with Scripture and stories and insights that Vicki has. It makes for a very enlightening book.

The only thing I would change is maybe the length of the chapters. They are a little wordy for my taste and can cause problems in getting through the book. However, that is just my personal preference/opinion. I prefer to have more chapters which are shorter in length as opposed to having a few chapters which are quite lengthy. Again, just a preference.

All in all, this is a great book for women and I would recommend.

Note: I received this book for the exchange of a review. All views expressed are mine.

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