Musing part 1

She awoke from her dream.

What could this mean? she thought.

Alarmed she thought back for a moment. She remembered talking to a pastor. She remembered standing before him, then sitting down. Tired. Worn. Seeking answers to the things she was doing wrong.

She remembered asking him about salvation, about whether her works saved her or grace did or if it was a combination of the both that the Lord was looking for.

She didn't remember a response from this pastor... not really... it was a dream after all and not everything stands out in them... however, she did remember something- a verse. Or maybe fragments of it... those who love the Lord keep His commands. 

Well what could this mean? She contemplated... maybe she was looking for the wrong things... asking for something she already had. Salvation was something she was pretty sure she had, but love for the Lord? Maybe not so much. Maybe in her dream she asked the question on her heart and the Lord answered with the real root of the problem.

Maybe she was praying for the wrong thing.
Maybe joy in her life looked more like loving and less like constant doing...maybe she had it a little wrong... or a lot.

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