Night Driving - review

Depression hangs thick in my life quite often.
Sometimes is subtler than usual and other times it's right in my face, all up in my business, taking the joy and happiness that once was mine.

Stories like Addie Zierman's in, Night Driving, are very much a comfort to me.

Addie decided to take her 2 kids on an across the country trip that proved to be very hectic and crazy, but it wasn't just in search of a beach or different surroundings- it was for something much more valuable. Addie is really on a search for true faith in God. Not the youth group, Christian concert filled, over the mountain top experience. No, something real and true and good.

I've been there. Or I am there? Seeking. Searching. Wanting God and yet not sure exactly how to find Him. I'm asking, but I'm tired. Addie shows these same feelings among others in her book.

I love a good truth telling book and Addie delivers. What's amazing to me is this is not the book that tries. You know, the one where everything is tidied up in a nice bow at the end. The one where everything works perfectly out and we're all smiling and assured by the end. This is not the book that is preaching at you. I like how Addie shows her struggles, her "ugly" sides (if you will) and is just real. I have ugly sides. I have struggles. I CAN RELATE.

Thank God for honest writing. Thank God for Addie. Whether she knows it or not, God is working through her book. He reminded me I'm not alone. I was so comforted while reading this. I smiled, laughed, teared up, I had all the feels.

Depression and loneliness in the midst of people and looking for God can all be found in this book, but also hope can be found. Hope that this is not the end. God is still working on us. Thank God for the work.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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