NKJV Chronological Study Bible - review

The NKJV Chronological Study Bible from Thomas Nelson is a gorgeous Bible.

This Bible offers countless study paragraphs on Biblical times and the culture from which the Word of God was written from. There are full color photos on most of the pages that go alone with what you're reading, in addition to the obvious, everything be put into chonological order. This Bible also has maps and note taking space located at the back.

I like this Bible very much. It comes in two different imitation leathers- the one in this photo, as well as a stone and navy blue color. Both are gorgeous and would make for a wonderful gift for those graduates you know.

The only thing I wish this Bible had was wider margins. If you have tiny handwriting then you could probably write alright in the margins, but for me my handwriting is big and there's not much room for it.

All in all, a wonderful product and great Bible for all ages.

Note: I received a free copy in exchange for a review.

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