Long time coming...

So it's been months since I've been on here. I haven't had the time nor have I felt the urge to write in quite some time. I've had many things going on in my life. Things to work through, things to drop, things to pick up. So. many. things.

I started college. Wow. Let me say that was and is a huge deal and a big, long, hard, bumpy, exciting ride. I'm going into nursing. Some will probably roll their eyes at that. Let me explain. I've had an experience in the past with a family member. They weren't cared for or treated well by the nurses she had and it eventually cost her her life. As a family, this was heartbreaking for us. Worse was the nurses didn't even care. I thought that was kind of the definition of a nurse- care. How can you be a nurse and be indifferent to the things around you?! How can you be a person and have little to no regard for anyone else? So, because of that situation I felt like God has given me a unique situation that allows me to care for others from a different perspective. The family and the patient both matter GREATLY and they should know that. I want to be that. I know God can use me in this way and I'm excited about it.

Secondly, my relationship with God had become stagnant. I realized a few days ago just how sad it had gotten and have since rededicated my life to Him. I haven't made time for my Heavenly Father like I should have. I allowed things and stuff and jobs and work to get in the way of truly living. How can I help anyone when my well is dry? I have nothing to give. So, I gave it all back to God and asked for His help. I'm excited to see where He takes and I'm more excited to see His face one day.

Thirdly, family situations have been STRESSFUL!!!!!!! Y'all, the older you get, the harder it gets. For real. Life has been freaking hard lately, but thankfully, my perspective is changing and my spirit is becoming more in tune with His Spirit and life is looking better. PRAISE THE LORD. Even if things don't change soon, I know I can do all things through Christ and that really does strengthen me.

I'm not sure if anyone is reading this or not. This was more or less an update for me, to see where I am now. If you are reading this, who are you? How is your life? Tell me something interesting.

God bless you. <3

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